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Gallery - RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2008

A Welcome Sight - the Gold Medal winning Chelsea garden for which we provided all the ironwork
A Welcome Sight - the Gold Medal winning Chelsea garden for which we provided all the ironwork
The ironwork for Adam Frost's gold medal winning garden, ‘A Welcome Sight’ consists of two parts.  One is a pair of raised polished steel water filled pools and rills which appear to float amongst the planting and which were built to a very precise specification, requiring an extremely high degree of accuracy in their production. For the more decorative ironwork element, however, Adam gave us a free hand in developing a concept that complemented the overall design of the garden.  He was keen for us to apply our own creativity and understanding of the language of hot-forged steel in developing ideas for the ironwork that he wanted to add interest to the entrance way of the ‘house’ to the rear of the garden.   Whilst we took Adam’s keenness for us to contribute our own design ideas as a great compliment, we also felt a certain amount of pressure, as we were all too aware how high the standards of workmanship must be when taking part in what Alan Titchmarsh has described as the ‘Horticultural Olympics’.  
The result of our deliberations was a set of two-metre long hot-forged loosely coiled polished steel ‘vines’ that that hang from the simple pergola-like structure that frames the front door and from which water will trickle gently into the rills.  They provide something more curvaceous and more organic that forms a transition from the crisp, clean lines of the hard landscaping to the softer lines and shapes of the plants.  They also provide something that is clearly hand-forged and obviously unique to this garden.
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