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Adam, Eve and Pinch Me
Adam, Eve and Pinch Me
This family of contemporary forged metal sculptures were commissioned by North Kesteven District Council's Visual Arts Team and were funded through Arts Council grant aid dedicated to such arts initiatives.
The sculptures were designed by Dorrington-based local artist, Mike Lovitt, and then interpreted in mild steel by blacksmith Tim Mackereth at Anwick Forge. During the course of Mike and Tim's collaboration, the sculptures of a man a woman and a child developed their own identities to such an extent that they became known as Adam and Eve (there is even a serpent at her base). Then, recalling the nursery rhyme, Mike hit upon the name Pinch Me for the child:
"Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
Went down to the river to bathe
Adam and Eve got drowned
Who do you think got saved?"
Answer: Pinch Me (and of course, whoever answers the question gets a pinch!)
The names and the rhyme seem especially appropriate as the sculptures are located right by the river Slea in Sleaford.