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History of the Forge

Anwick Forge was built over 200 years ago and is believed to have been designed by the renowned architect and town planner John Nash (1753 - 1835) as part of his concept of remodelling villages ‘in a picturesque manner’. The concept requires that the forge 'be near the road and give a cheerfulness at night to the whole village'.

The forge itself is housed in one of the building’s two circular elements, each of which is approximately 30 feet in diameter. The hearth is in the centre of the forge with all workstations equidistant from the fire around the outside wall.

With the decline of the horse in agriculture, the shoeing shed was bricked in during the early 1960s and now forms our comfortable office and gallery, which is open to the public and contains samples and images of our ironwork.  These provide a useful source of ideas and inspiration when discussing your wishes and requirements.

The forge, which is in almost daily use, is now complemented by a modern workshop, with an additional coke forge, a pair of power hammers and other equipment that helps provide capacity for much larger pieces.  Further information on such piecescan be found under Products and Services.

The forge has been in operation for almost all of its 200 year history. Having restored it to its former glory, we are consequently delighted to be able to continue its traditions and make a place for them in the 21st century.

Come and visit us at one of Lincolnshire's most unusual buildings and see the ancient craft of blacksmithing being continued and developed by the Anwick Forge team. Please visit how to find us for full directions and a map.
From the Archive

Anwick Force circa 1905
Anwick Forge circa 1905

I've probably still got these tools!
I've probably still got these tools!

The advent of mechanisation
The advent of mechanisation