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Interior Ironwork

Interior Products - bannister and ballustrade As befits a piece of hand forged bespoke ironwork designed to complement the styling of your property, Anwick Forge’s interior ironwork is created with your individuality in mind. All our work enjoys a superior quality robust construction and we install it in person using only the highest quality and most appropriate fixing materials and techniques.

Anwick Forge finishes all its interior ironwork to a standard that enhances its attractive appearance and also provides an element of protection. A range of alternatives is available.

We typically spray paint your interior ironwork, which provides a subtle yet durable finish. We do not share Henry Ford’s view that ‘you can have any colour as long as it’s black’: our paints are available in an extensive range of shades. Please contact us for further details.

A more contemporary finish is clear lacquer on plain polished metal. This gives a brighter finish and gives a stronger impression of light and shade in the metal and is particularly suited to items such as banisters, balustrades and chandeliers.

For smaller items of interior ironwork that will be handled regularly, natural beeswax provides a lovely tactile finish, and creates a subtle patina that develops over time.

Please contact us if you have another type of finish in mind.

Items that we forge in stainless steel are typically finished using a hi-tech process that gives a fantastically bright and shiny finish that will not fade or discolour. Alternatively, we can also offer a softer, brushed finish, if you prefer.

To see some examples of our interior ironwork, please visit our gallery. Do bear in mind, though, that our gallery is not intended as a catalogue as the range of items available from Anwick Forge is almost limitless. If you cannot see what you would like us to make, the answer to the question ‘can you make me a ...?’ is always ‘yes!’.

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