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Conservation, Restoration & Reinstatement

When it comes to reinstating or restoring your original ironwork, it is vitally important that you engage top quality craftspeople to carry out the work, and the classical forging skills of the blacksmiths at Anwick Forge are just as suited to conservation, restoration or reinstatement projects as they are to 'from scratch' commissions. Indeed, one of our blacksmiths, for example, is also a conservation graduate, and another spent the early part of his career with one of the county’s foremost restoration blacksmiths.  Anwick Forge blacksmiths – unlike metal fabricators – will in effect be using the same skills, techniques, tools and materials as those used to produce the original ironwork.  They will also understand the original craftsman’s intentions, and consequently be able to express those original intentions afresh.     

Commissioning Anwick Forge to restore your ironwork will ensure a high quality end result with a technical and aesthetic integrity that is impossible to achieve with a simple patching up operation.  Having cold bent pre-fabricated mild steel components that have been selected from a catalogue electrically welded into beautiful historical gates or railings that are forged from genuine wrought iron is comparable to touching up a precious Dutch Master with emulsion. 

The technical skills of Anwick Forge's blacksmiths include specialist competence in working in genuine wrought iron. We would therefore be delighted to quote for work in wrought iron, which we can source for you from our specialist supplier. For more information on 'wrought iron', please go to FAQs and Further Information.

In some cases, full 'to original' restoration may not be feasible or desirable, or may prove prohibitively expensive. In such situations, Anwick Forge's skills are directed towards finding the most aesthetically and technically appropriate alternative. We are happy to consult with the relevant regulatory bodies in order to identify a satisfactory solution. Indeed, we are happy to handle applications for the necessary consents on your behalf. Please go to Complementary Services for further details.

You can find examples in our Gallery of some of the conservation, restoration and reinstatement projects we have undertaken recently, which include both large- and small-scale commissions.

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